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Our DVD Collection

For each listing, there will be the full title on the left and the distributor's catalog number on the right...
Each catalog number will be a link to full details about the DVD... When more than one DVD release is on the page the link goes to, the catalog number can be used to reference exactly which one we have...

We also have our LaserDisc collection listed online...

The Filmmakers' Commemorative Edition
Paramount 87579

The Abyss
Special Edition
Fox 2000008

Almost Famous / Untitled
The Bootleg Cut
DreamWorks 88751

Altered States Warner 11076

Amelie MiraMax 26075

American Beauty
The Awards Edition
DreamWorks 85382

Apollo 13
Collector's Edition
Universal 20153

Being John Malkovich
Special Edition
USA Entertainment 440 059 757-2

Boogie Nights
New Line Platinum Series
(Second Edition)
New Line N5033

Cirque du Soleil
Image OVED6874DVD

Cirque du Soleil
Nouvelle Experience
Columbia TriStar 07074

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Collector's Edition
Columbia/TriStar 12649

Special Edition
Warner 15041

Eyes Wide Shut
Warner Bros. 17655

Fight Club Fox 2000035

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Special Edition
Columbia 06249

Glengarry GlenRoss
Special Edition
Artisan 11450

Independence Day
Five Star Collection
Fox 2000045

I Spit On Your Grave
Millenium Edition
Elite EE7750

The Matrix Warner 17737

Men In Black
Deluxe Edition
Columbia/Tristar 05291

Metallica S&M Elektra/Warner 40218-2

Moulin Rouge Fox 2000870

Night of the Living Dead
Millenium Edition
Elite EE1117

The Osbournes
The First Season
Miramax 30020

Pi Artisan 60494

Pulp Fiction
Collector's Edition
Miramax 23541

Requiem for a Dream
Director's Cut
Artisan 11567

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The 25th Anniversary Edition
Fox 2000574

William Shakespeare's
Romeo + Juliet
Special Edition
Fox 2003463

The Criterion Collection #157
The Royal Tenenbaums
Criterion 24022

Say Anything
Special Edition
Fox 2002452

sex and the city
The Complete First Season
HBO 99300

Silent Running Universal 21243

Stephen King's
The Stand
Special Edition
Artisan 11411

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The Director's Edition
Paramount 08858

Star Trek II
The Wrath of Khan
The Director's Edition
Paramount 09117

Star Trek III
The Search for Spock
Special Collector's Edition
Paramount 06255

Star Trek IV
The Voyage Home
Special Collector's Edition
Paramount 06771

Star Wars Episode II
Attack of the Clones
Fox 2005539

Toy Story
The Ultimate Toy Box
Disney 18668

20th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Disney 23569

Pink Floyd
The Wall
Columbia CVD 50198

Guide to Home Theater
Ovation Software

Total Movie & Entertainment Magazine
InsideDVD #10
September 2002

Nintendo GameCube Preview DVD Fall 2002

DVD Audio

Metallica (aka "The Black Album")
Elektra 61113-9

EMI 72434-77928-9-2

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