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Monday, March 29's 100 Movies That Deserve More Love

[moved from my LiveJournal] (Cinematic Happenings Under Development) brings us 100 Movies That Deserve More Love and there are some interesting ones...
we own several of them and i agree with much of what they say... most of them are not on "the shelf" (eg, our shelf o' favorite movies), but, here is what we have from the list and lots of comments...

5. In The Mouth of Madness
dunno'... haven't been too fond of john carpenter, but, we came across a very cool-looking special edition laserdisc, so, we got it and haven't watched it...

7. The Arrival
meh... saw it once on cable, it didn't suck TOO bad, saw it on laser for $4 and took it... haven't watched it yet, either...

8. Time After Time
hey, nicholas myer... as much as i love The Wrath of Khan (and the commentary by nick myer) and what he did for star trek as a whole, i will own any of his stuff... this one is a staple of my childhood, seen it dozens of times, we watched it recently so she could see it and i was not as impressed, but we had just watched the entire back to the future trilogy, so, we continued the time-travel theme...

10. Gattaca
love it... it IS on our shelf... may get the superbit dvd eventually, but, the beautiful ld is fine for now...

15. Space Truckers
no, don't own it, but, i wanted to point out that this movie has a billboard for a Psion 3 in it!

17. Contact
philosophically hollow (dumb, one might say), but, a great movie... one of the best looking laserdiscs ever, we have the dvd with all the commentaries on it, but, prefer the ld, which IS on the shelf...

19. Frequency
what a movie! we have the dvd... we rented this, can't remember why, and loved almost every minute of it... another great time-related sci-fi... if we had the lasrdisc, it would be on the shelf...
(anyone else notice the movie divided into three parts, each with slo-mo shot of an object falling?)

20. Alien 3
own it, somewhere over there in "the pile" (the 300 or so laserdiscs that are not worthy of being on "the shelf"), watched it once, may never again... not horrible, but, in no hurry to see it again...

41. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
ugh... a few cool things, sure, but, it is only on the shelf to not break up the set... either of the other two are far superior...

48. LA Story
love this movie, love this movie, love this movie... as a romantic love story, it really works... the walk through the garden thingy, the way she is stopped from leaving... and, yeah, if you lived in l.a., you get a lot more of the jokes... personally, i come for the romance stuff... never got the laser, we have the dvd for the commentary... and i agree with what they say in the article, it is sort of the last of "classic martin"...

56. The Money Pit
don't own it (grrrr), but, undoubtedly in need of more love... another from my childhood, seen it literally hundreds of times... not as many times as CE3K, star wars, or 2010, but, a lot...

65. The Mosquito Coast
oh, what a movie... it IS on the shelf... you want so bad for this guy to be right, you believe in him and his put-what-you-believe-into-practice determination and energy, yet, we watch him become obsessive and do one dumb thing after another, applying good ideas in bad ways... for this movie i say see also fight club...
(and, of course, river pheonix plays son of harrison ford and later plays a young indy in last crusade... i think he was perfect in both roles...)

66. Ed Wood
another great... also on the shelf... they call it "Tim Burton's love poem to a kindred spirit" and i agree... not laugh-out-loud funny not, mind-bendingly weird, just being told about a person that another person admires... and, who would have thought martin landau could do such an acting job? same thing i say of jason robards in Magnolia (currently my favorite film i have ever seen)...

71. Jackie Brown
well, we have a great laser of it (in the pile, not on the shelf with reservoir dogs and our FOUR ld sets of pulp fiction)... and A LOT of it really works... but... a lot of it does not work... like ed wood, we are being shown what a great person the title character is, but, i just don't see it... take the title character out and i will love this movie, i think...

75. Clean and Sober
got it, in the pile, never watched it, but, all for any addiciton movie, so, we will get to it sooner or later...

78. Point Break
in the pile... jumping "out of a perfectly good airplane", the skydiving photography, patrick swayze actually doing some impressive freefall stuff, keanu jumping out without a parachute, confident he will get his man or die trying... all reminds me of that tbs series "movies for guys who like movies"... take out the skydiving and i doubt i would care much about this one...

82. Testament
HELL YEAH! embarassingly, all we own is the vhs and i have no idea where it went... when we heard a lot about Requiem For a Dream, everyone said it left them depressed, or at least strongly affected, for weeks afterword...
Testament will leave you affected for weeks, maybe forever... what a depressing movie... and i agree with every word they say about it in the article...
i showed this movie to quite a long time ago and she has never quite forgiven me... she still tears up just talking about it...

93. Pump Up the Volume
eek... in the pile... she wanted it...
but, it is allegedly about radio and i am a radio addict, so, maybe i will like something about it, should i ever watch it... but, i doubt it...
and i can't stand christian slater... he was the worst thing about true romance, for instance...

97. A Life Less Ordinary
damn, don't own it, but, i really want to see it...

98. The Hudsucker Proxy
damn right! got a beautiful laser of it on the shelf... love this movie, more brilliant coen stuff...

99. Breakdown
on the pile... want to see it... will eventually...

and, btw, i noticed that, mostly, if it is not listed above, we have not even seen it (not even me!), so, we may have a look at a few...

i am not going to spend much time thinking about it for this post, but, if i were to add to the list of movies that need more love...

i hate to admit it in public without hours to justify and debate it...
firstly, i like any movie that starts at the beginning of a day and ends at the end of a day (cf. Oscar and Murder by Death), but, i think there were great characters in this movie... it is all about the characters in this one... when ice cube pulls that trigger, ANYONE with a heart should have cringed... and, in that moment, realize that you actually CARE about these people... maybe you weren't enjoying the movie, but, you found you CARED more than you realized...
no, not a great movie, but, the characters are very memorable and mostly easy to believe in and therefore care about...
bleh, anyway... just flame me and get it over with...

The Stand
yes, the made-for-tv mini-series of the stephen king book... i thought the casting was nearly brilliant, the pacing was pretty damn good, considering the length of the source material (the "don't dream it's over" scene came way too early in the movie), i just love this movie... we have the big ld set (with lobby cards) on the shelf, and the dvd...

sci-fi parody extraordinaire...

and i have to add...

Star Wars, Episode II, Attack of the Clones
all you up-with-ep1-and-down-with-ep2 people are messed up in the head or something... (or are too young to know good star wars from bad...) and i cannot believe how many people hated hayden whatsizname as anakin!
watch the "i killed them! i killed them all!" scene a few times and tell me he can't act!
watch the scene where anakin describes his idea for government and the last scene with the empire now birthed and tell me this one isn't better at foreshadowing the original trilogy than ep1!
(erm, just don't watch the scene with r2d2 flying and c3po going for his wild ride... it was the low point of the movie...)
this is a noble movie and a worthy addition to "the holy trilogy" and i hope ep3 has more in common with it than with ep1 or return of the jedi, with all the comedy attempts and cutesy stuff...
this movie undoubtedly needs more love!
(now if only there was a laserdisc of it to go alongside the ep1 laser!)

meh, if i try to think of any more, i will be over there, looking through titles and i will come up with 20 of 'em, so, i will leave it at that...


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