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Location:Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Friday, June 4
  marrying mary

so, as i write this, it is almost june 6th, our wedding anniversary...
well, that and the 7th...

allow me to explain...

and since i am in no hurry, i will start from when we met...

in 1995, i was living in an apartment on hermosa beach, california... (btw, i hated it, the smell and noise of the ocean were horrible...)
late on november 6th, my best friend, skully, came over with his girlfriend at the time, jade, and her best friend, mary...
mary and i took to each other immediately, and she even wrote in her diary that night, "tonight, i met the man i am going to marry"...

in the following months, the four of us did a lot together and it was not long before mary and i started saying we would get married at our nearest opportunity... being from vegas, i kept us reminded that all we had to do was take the four hour drive and shell out a few bucks...

so, since we were open about this, a pact was made... skully made mary and i swear that if we ever ran off and got married, we would page him with a special code, "77777", immediately after, no excuses... he introduced us, he demanded to be the first to know and we agreed he deserved it... if we had a normal wedding, the plan was for him to be my best man, but, that never came up...

it was around june 1st that we finally got around to deciding to go to vegas... there was a day or two of preparation and, if i recall correctly, we arrived in vegas, in a rented plymouth breeze, about the 3rd...

on the night of the 6th we were deciding what to do with the evening and one of us said to the other "how about we go get married?" and the other said "well, it IS what we came here for" and off we went, down to get our license... there were an awful lot of people in there, considering it was probably 10 or so at night... vegas is the only truly 24-hour city i have lived in, you can do pretty much anything, anytime... even 24-hour wedding chapels... though, i think the license place was going to close at 11pm...
i remember the clerks did not have the burned-out look i expected, they looked like they were dispensing miracles... somehow, they had not lost the romance of it all, it seemed...
to this day i wonder how many other couples that were in there that night are still together...

after the license, it was time to decide where to get married... skully always said we should do the drive-thru elvis impersonator wedding... and we always said ummmm, no... however, as we looked around, the cheapest and easiest was "the world famous little white chapel" on the strip and they had a drive-thru...

we just wanted to be married (though, elvis need not be involved), so, we went there...

we pull up and the window is on the passenger side (my side, some people are born to drive, some people are born to work the radio, and i am the latter) and there is a bell... so, i ring the bell and eventually a woman came to the window and started us on paperwork... after we filled out a few forms and gave them their money, we had to sit a bit and wait for a minister...

as we sat there, i had a revelation...
"you know what? we are GETTING married! no, i mean, for months we have been INTENDING to get married, and here in a bit we will BE married, but, at this moment we are GETTING married!"
then, suddenly, all the traditions made sense...
"this will only happen once! geez, i kinda' wish someone was here to see it, maybe take some pictures! in fact, we could have dressed up for it! or maybe even been well-rested and sober!"

i decided i would at least put my cigarette out...

so, as we waited, we noticed it was getting late... see, we met on the 6th, so, we thought it was going to be cool to have been married on the 6th...
the preacher (Pastor Jesse Diaz, the certificate says) showed up a few minutes before midnight... he leaned quite a bit out the window and asked if we had rings... well, in fact we did, but, we had already had a private and special moment of putting them on each other's finger months before, so, we told him we would not be re-exchanging rings, as it were... he seemed to think this was odd, but, continued anyway...
he told me to look on my bride and repeat after him and i said my vows to mary...
and then it was her turn and then he pronounced us man and wife...

and we noticed the time...
it was a few minutes after midnight...
so, the pastor jesse diaz leaned out and began our wedding some time before midnight, june 6th, and he pronounced us some time after midnight, june 7th, and this dawned on us and we thought it was actually pretty cool...
we decided at that very moment to forever celebrate both days as our anniversary...

(for the record, our marriage certificate says june 6th...)

now, if only we could buy that rental car we were in at the time...

anyway, if you have been paying attention, there is still something left to be done...
yes, we left the little white chapel and went over to the excalibur hotel and casino, my favorite place of employment ever (and the place where my brother married his bride), and went to the payphones just inside the back entrance... i dialled skully's number, put in a whole bunch of change, and entered 77777...
skully was watching tv with his parents when his pager went off... his voice in the darkness said "oh my god!" and he looked at his mom and dad and declared "zane and mary just got married"...
we were well-liked by his parents, so, there were a total of three people happy for us that night, not counting us...

and no one else in the world knew yet...

so, anyway, yes, we got married eight years ago, in the middle of the night, in a drive thru, in a rented plymouth breeze, on the las vegas strip, and since our wedding spanned midnight, we have two anniversary days...

and we think that is pretty cool...


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