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Location:Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Sunday, February 29
  moving day

[moved from my LiveJournal]

well, here in a bit, we go pick up the truck... as luck would have, all the nice weather terminated today and it is raining...

pretty much everything is packed and ready to go, a first for us, we usually just shovel it in as is or pack as we load... miss mary has turned out to be a little workhorse, packing up the whole kitchen and even cleaning it rather well, running and getting boxes, she is outdoing me... until loading time, i guess... we bought good boxes for the laserdisc players (5 of them!), mummified the players in bubble wrap, and surrounded them with styrofoam peanuts... the drawing stack has been divide up into two brand new boxes, we will see if this work out any better (but, they are weak boxes)... we are laying blankets and taking the 8 feet of laserdiscs loose rather than pack them in boxes... they would be too heavy to carry down these four flights of stairs... the ugly couch and coffee table will be a major bitch for just the two of us, tv won't be fun...
and the real bitch is going to be apt shopping whe we get there, especially since we are picky...

and, btw, the damn truck is like 700 bucks (!!!!), no tape/cd, and a 10 to 16 hour drive or so, depending on which way we go...

this is not fun and doesn't feel all that exciting yet...
what happened?
i used to love moving...
i guess i had a lot less stuff and didn't care where i lived as much...

btw, we spent a few bucks and had some contact cards made to hand out... just plain business cards that say ""... since i love the "never have to say good-bye" aspect of being online, i have been handing it, using a line like "if you ever want to find me, this is where i'll be"...

Saturday, February 28
  bozo porno circus mystery

[moved from my LiveJournal]

i don't get it...

for a few weeks now, we are gettting all these hits to our Bozo Porno Circus pics (mostly via GIS, it seems)...
we were in a club one night almost a year ago, april 2003, and a few people said we should stick around and check out their show and we did and, being an unusual show, we took 20 or so pics and suddenly the pics we took are famous or something... and the hits are all coming from europe and other places outside america, and have been coming steadily, though it is slowing a bit now... how did such a small act suddenly get so popular worldwide?
see, i don't see how it could just be that, the hits are from too many different places...
so, i am mystified...

Thursday, February 26
  pics of my psion 5

[moved from my LiveJournal]

miss mary has been enjoying the hell out of the icq client for my 5, so, i took some pics of it...

behold the 5...
connected via a honda rs-232 in the back to a psion-made pcmcia card adaptor, with a 56k card modem... it all runs on batts, but, the white wires you can see are because it is on power supply atm... and she has it all sitting on a tape case (and a white sheet of paper to make it all show up better)...

(note the forgotten dc in the background... chab? what's that?)

at this point i might note that i changed out all the sound files on the icq client so that it now uses sounds from ch@b! since the psion does digital recording, i just worked at it until they all were right and they sound great...
these pics have be posted in the usual place...

Saturday, February 14
  we have been online three years today

[moved from my LiveJournal]

here is the latest version of the same post i have made the last two years on this day...

on this day, three years ago, we went online with our dreamcast and little junky planetweb 2.6 browser on the feb '01 ODCM demo disk for the first time...

of course now it is 2 online dc's and japanese browsers and our Psions are also online, of course...

unlike probably most people, we actually have a videotape of our first time logging onto the web... we just let the tape roll... really fascinating to see yourself klutz around the web for the very first time...

for the record, first site we went to... google

we have our first irc chat on tape, our first time in an online game (PSO) and several other firsts, like when we signed up for hotmail and could not use a space in "insidious plots", which led to the handle being the way it is to this day: insidious underscore plots...

heh, weird little collection... but, interesting to look back on from 3 years later...

sort of like our own little wayback machine...

(when i fast scan forward on the tape it makes me think "so... this is what broadband would look like..." :D !)

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